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The Stars route
guided tour

introduction to this adventure.

Would you like to touch the stars with your bare hands?

Would you like to enjoy the best sky of Europe? We have it here! at the Teide. Come with us to watch the starts, learn the misteries behind the cosmos and the leyends hidden in the horizon, altogether accompanied with the most prestigious astrologists.

This is a trekking activity with a very low difficulty level, practically flat and straight. From the begining until the Teide's sanatorium it will take around 90 minutes walk, including the various stops we'll make to learn about the night sky (at the begining of the route there will be day light, that is why we will also get to know things about the sun and its curiosities). Once we reach our destination, the sanatorium -where we will see the sunset- and after enjoying a delicious hot chocolate that we'll give out, our expert will give a deeper talk. An oral test is conducted at the end of it to check what we've learned, but don't worry! everybody gets to pass ;-) The way back will take around 50 min, generally without stops.

Please bring...

Comfortable footwear, linterns if necessary, and be sure to bring jackets, since it's pretty cold up on the Teide. Furthermore you can bring a blanket to lean or sit down on the floor to watch more comfortably the starts (after a long time the neck starts suffering and becomes more and more uncomfortable).

During the chocolate giveout, you'll be able to eat anything you may bring. We recommend you to download the free mobile app called "Google Sky Map", as well as to bring some binoculars, we will bring and lend you some of our own, but we just have two!

A night of stars from the Teide, includes guide, insurance, astronomer and a delicious chocolate, you can't miss it.


difficulty: easy
distance 5km
4 hours
comfortable footwear
insurance included
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+34 622 92 12 75