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Scary route - Barranco de Badajoz
guided tour

introduction to this adventure.

Do you get excited with scaaaary stories?

El barranco de Badajoz en la localidad sureña de Güímar, es un sitio sumamente conocido por la gran cantidad de leyendas y misterios que esconde entre sus dos gigantescas paredes.

" Barranco de Badajoz ", located on the south town of Güímar, is a highly renowned place due to its numerous leyends and misteries lying between its walls.

You will enroll to a hiking adventure towards the town for an hour and a half, during which we'll narrate, in addition to all those misteries which gives fame to this town, it's rich history and our own experiences that happened during our more than 50 incursions to the gorge.

We will travel to the town on day light, and we'll be returning at night, thanks to which you'll be able to experience how the ambience and suggestion is transformed by the night.

Taking into account the high stakes of not encountering a paranormal creature, at the middle of the activity, to intensify emotions we will perform a "queimada", which together with its "conxuro" the outcome will be to drive away bad spirits.

In conclusion, this is an excursion lasting around four hours, of a low difficulty level. We will experience misteries, stories, curiosities, but above all, an awesome ambience.

We recommend you to bring...

  • comfortable wear, specially footwear for walking
  • some food
  • photo camera, lintern, and a recorder (optional)


difficulty: easy
distance 5km
4 hours
comfortable footwear
insurance included
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