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PHOTOWALK: diurnal and nightly
guided tour

introduction to this adventure.

Beach, sea, mountains, pines, wind, sun, breeze… Tenerife is a land of contrasts and microclimates.

Learn how to capture the island’s beauty along with a photography course. You’ll receive a theoretical perspective on how to take great pictures and we will apply it in practice during the eight hour course (4 during the day, other 4 at night). This tour is taught by a hiking guide expert, a professional photographer, and includes insurance.

Daniel Javier Brito Reyes, profesional photographer, will teach the group how to make a good use of cameras, especially réflex and bridge, to seize its maximum potential.


  • Image and visual image.
  • History of photography.
  • Digital photography.
  • Controls of the camera.
  • Giving a creative use to camera controls.
  • Composition.
  • Light measurement.
  • Artificial light – Flash and white balance.
  • Accesories, filters, tripod, lightning and maintenance.
  • Digital development - Workflow.

Where are the classes held?

  • Daylight photography at “Los Montes de Anaga”. WE have to take into account that we’ll do a short walk, hence the footwear shall be comfortable.
  • Night sesión at “San Cristóbal de La Laguna”(*), which had been declared as “Cultural asset and Human heritage by UNESCO. After a short theory class we’ll go to the middle of “La Laguna” to perform a practice class.
  • (*) Depending on the climate with the agreement of all participants it would be posible to change the place to “Santa Cruz” (García Sanabria, Plaza del Príncipe, etc.)

    The course begins with a presentation about the path that will be followed, as well as an explanation on basic digital photography concepts: which camera types exists on the market, which are the functions of the camera, which parameters we’ll have to take into account, etc..

    Next, we’ll perform practice lessons, and once we gain an understanding on the camera we’ll begin the journey. During the walk we’ll explain the importance of photography, the eye of the photographer and creativity.

    In order to join this course you’ll need

    • Own a réflex or bridge camera. We’ll need to be able to set up the controls manually (ISO, apertura, speed..). Digital cameras are not recommended since they are not as flexible.
    • Besides, its important to bring a tripod or other support for night photography, since we’ll set the camera to capture the image for longer time and with any support the photos will appear blurred.
    • For optimal results, it would be interesting to bring a small lantern for a better understanding on the importance of light in photography.
    • beach,sea,mountain,pines


difficulty: easy
distance 3km
5 hours
comfortable footwear
insurance included
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